The future is here: the best young players will leave Barcelona in the summer

The club has won two consecutive Champions Leagues, won the Copa del Rey and reached the finals of the Champions League, but this season everything is not going well.Yes, Barcelona broke the hegemony of Real Madrid this season, but the "royal club" is still in second place, and the "Barcelona way" is doing not very well at all.The fans are dissatisfied with the lack of progress the club is witnessing on the field, and they are dissatisfied with the management's decisions.Do not forget that the club has a huge debt (1.4 billion euros), which makes it difficult for Barcelona to compete with other clubs in the fight for top players.Therefore, according to foreign media, the club has already started to look for a replacement for Koeman, and the main candidate for the position of coach is Jurgen Klopp.According to the German newspaper Bild, Liverpool wants to sign Jurgen Klopp.Moreover, the club is ready to offer him excellent conditions.So, the German coach will immediately become one of the most powerful coaches in the world, and Liverpool will not be able to compete with Manchester City in the fight for top coaches.The only obstacle is "West Ham", which does not want to let go of its coach and has been battling with Klopp for the past few years.Liverpool have managed to get one of the best players in the world for Koeman.That's just to sign a contract with a Dutch specialist is not easy.Klopp is not very happy with the amount of playing time and does not want to waste it on veterans.Liverpool have been trying to sign a coach for the past three years, but no one has really wanted to work with a Dutch specialist.Now, according to Bild, Liverpool bosses are tired of the situation and are ready to offer Klopp a contract for another three years with a salary of 3.5 million euros a year.Another three-year contract with this kind of money is definitely not offered by Dortmund or Barcelona.