The situation in the Catalan derby is heating up: Real Madrid and Barcelona are preparing counterattacks, and the teams will play on October 15

It's been more than a month since the Catalan "Barcelona" won the Copa del Rey and made it clear that the club is ready to start preparing for the winter.So, the management finally put an end to the winter transfers, announced the signing of a new coach and made it clear that the club will start preparing for the winter.But the situation in Catalonia is heating up.The Catalan publication Mundo Deportivo writes that the situation in the Catalan derby is heating up. and the clubs will play on October 15.According to the publication, Real Madrid is preparing a counterattack, and Barcelona is not ready for it.In the summer, Barcelona tried to play Nice and long-range Hazard, but in the winter, the Catalan club did not renew the contract with the Belgian and moved to a buy-out loan.Now, according to Mundo Deportivo, the blue-Garnet team is ready to play the counterattack and is currently looking for a partner.The counterattack looks more real than ever.Katzper Landa, Enrique, Martin Braithwaite and Serginho Dest have all scored five goals in five matches for the Catalan club.Cillian Mbappe has scored just one goal in seven matches for the club, while Javi Sanchez has five goals in 17 matches.Real Madrid are confident that they will find a partner in the middle of the field and is putting Cillian Mbappe on the score for the first time.Real Madrid are confident in the fact that Mbappe will score at least one goal for the club in the coming season and are now starting to prepare for the possible transfer of Ronaldo.Cillian Mbappe is ready to move to Real Madrid and make Zinedine Zidane his assistant. Zinedine Zidane is not against the transfer of Cillian, but he is not ready to make the transfer himself.Madrid is ready to let Philippe Kasp and David Alaba finish their careers.The Frenchman is only 28 years old, and he has already played in Spain, Germany and Italy.Madrid understands that it is far from possible to win La Liga and the return of Kylian Mbappe is almost impossible.According to Mundo Deportivo, Real Madrid is ready to buy Kylian Mbappe in the winter for 9.5 million euros.The Spanish newspaper writes that Real Madrid is ready to sell Philippe Kaspral and David Alaba, but El Chiringuito de Jugones is not ready to let go of the second striker.True, in addition to Real Madrid, Barcelona is ready to buy Kylian Mbappe, and the player himself agrees to move to La Liga.