5 most expensive transfers of the winter transfer window 2022

5. Luis Suarez (30 million euros) from Barcelona to Zenit in winter transfer window 2022The most expensive transfer of the winter window was also the most unexpected.The Uruguayan striker moved from Barcelona to Zenit, and even his own Luis Enrique did not expect that the player would be able to adapt in Russia.Nevertheless, he did not have any problems, for which he was later fined 200 thousand euros and sent to the reserve.As a result, Suarez remained at the Camp Nou, but in January he asked for a transfer, and the Catalan club did not want to let go of the striker.6. Oscar Rodriguez (30 million euros) from Real Madrid to Juventus in winter transfer window 2022Rodriguez left Real Madrid for Juventus in the summer of 2018, but returned to the Camp Nou a month later.In the summer of 2019, Oscar became a free agent, and the player himself decided to continue his career with the French club.Now the player has five goals scored for the Italian club, but according to La Gazzetta dello Sport, Juventus is ready to sell their striker for 30 million euros.5. Leon Gorecka, Cristiano Ronaldo and Martin Edegaard (30 million euros) from Borussia Dortmund to Everton in the winter transfer window 2022This is only the third time that Leon has been compared to Ronaldo.Both they are players who have won the Champions League three times and made it clear that they are worth 30 million euros.However, according to La Gazzetta dello Sport, Everton is not ready to let go of its own a football player for this amount.In addition to Juventus, Spartak also wants to get rid of Gorecka, but the German club does not want to lose its best player.4. Leroy Sane (35 million euros) from Manchester City to Tottenham in the winter transfer window 2022Sane is only the third transfer of the winter transfer window, but it is definitely the most expensive.Leir Azmir, Mathias Freyier and Arjen Robben joined the German club in the summer, and the German press wrote that Pep Guardiola is considering renting Sane from City.And all because of the fact that last summer Tottenham paid for Royer than the English club offered.3. Ivan Oblyakov (35 million euros) from "Rostov" to "Krasnodar in the winter transfer window 2022I don't have to write about Oblyakov, because you already know about it.At the beginning of this year, the German defender He moved to the camp of the main favorites "Rostov" and immediately was made a captain by the coach.In the winter transfer window, Oblyakov almost certainly will leave the club, and next summer he can move to another RPL club.At the same time, the player himself does